What Progress!!!!

All posts up

All posts up

Wow we are building up a storm here. The progress has been a lot faster than I would have thought. Of course there have been some glitches, some due to me ( my first for a couple of years ) but then this is construction and in a foreign country. If you’ve not guessed by now this is Peter blogging so expect errors both in my spelling and photos. Its Saturday Afternoon and in the shade of our little house its about 80’F, in the full sun its probably 95’F.

The Sala (the building we are doing) is in full sun and although its Saturday, a day off, part of me should be figuring our schedule for the next week, the other part of me is pretty happy sitting here drinking tea. Guess which part wins?




Purlins installed

Now its Sunday evening and I need to finish what I started as tomorrow its back to the Sala project. So now we have the trusses up and we have hired Thai workers to weld the purlins on the steel trusses. We are using metal roofing on this so we have also hired them to install that. safety is a concern as most of our interns (taking the permaculture and natural building course ) have not worked on a construction site before. As of Sunday night the roof is almost finished and we will be putting gutters up. The gutters are an important part of this community as this is how we gather drinking water. During the rainy season we collect the water in six hundred gallon concrete tanks. We have six or seven of these and it gives us cooking and drinking water till the next rainy season. At the moment the last rain was in November some time.

Ok enough of building, here’s some other scenes from our life at Panya. we are in a small valley that is getting prepared for rice planting and already has some potatoes growing.


Rice fields




One of our lunches, hmmm.

Bricks made by our interns for the walls of the sala. How we move them.



A visit to a local mushroom farm.



Pretty cool huh. That’s if you like mushrooms,  these are oyster mushrooms.


3 thoughts on “What Progress!!!!

  1. Fascinating! What is the medium for the oyster mushrooms? The two photos look very different–one looks like cylinders made from bubble wrap. And I’m curious what is “natural building?” Does that mean you use unmilled poles? Oh, and the bricks, am I starting to get it? Yes, your rain does make me feel better, sitting here with my wool socked toes buried in a hot pad. Love to get your updates!

    • Quite right Jean. The shrooms are grown in ground coconut wood and the first fruiting is with rigid necks in the bags where they were inoculated with the spawn. then they remove the necks for a second and third fruiting
      Yeah, natural building usually refers to home made sun dried clay bricks and plasters. Adobe to you and me.

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