Good bye to the Land of Smiles

We are now in our last few days in Thailand. We fly down to Bangkok and then to New Delhi and begin a whole new chapter. In the meantime here are some final photos of Panya ( have a look at to see more details of what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been for the last six weeks)

The view to the west from the new second floor The view to the west from the new second floor

P1020938 - Copy (2)

Our last night at Panya – the interns cleaned up the worksite and we had a pizza party

   P1020945 - Copy (2)

The morning after, a few breakfasters thru the roughed-in circle window.  All of the earth bricks will get coats of plaster for a smooth finished look and to protect them from the rain.

P1020926 - Copy (2)

Some serious construction discussion going on. “Do we have the pizza party on the new second floor or keep everybody on the lower level”

P1020913 - Copy (2)

And now, in Chiang Mai, the flower festival parade.

P1020903 - Copy (2)

All theses are made of flowers, and then attached to what I assume is a Styrofoam base. That’s a complete assumption on my part. My Thai is not quite good enough to ask such a detailed question.

P1020949 - Copy

Mary and Ping at the entrance to the Ganash museum outside of ChiangMai. The guards are rodents, friends of Ganash.

P1020956 - Copy

This is Ganash, elephant headed, sometimes more than one, pot bellied and many arms, always carrying various things, like knives, fruit, his broken tusk, bows, leaves and buds. The list goes on, if you need more look at Wikipedia. He’s actually a Hindu god but he is quite popular in Buddhist Thailand, I mean if you find a nice god why not hedge your bets.


P1020950 - Copy

Here’s a bee hive that was also in the museum (on a tree in the museum not in the museum if you know what I mean)

The next few shots are taken at the ChiangMai walking market. It happens every Sunday. They close down the street for about a kilometer or so and street vendors just pack both sidewalks. Four pm till when? I’ve never stayed up that late, well not there.  Clothing, massage, foot and full body, ice-cream, wood carvings, lamps, photos, scarves, hill tribe artifacts, food, food, food. What couldn’t you find there? Its pretty much a selling fest and it usually takes a few hours to work your way down one side and up the other, that’s if you don’t stop for a quick foot massage on the way.

P1020962 - Copy

P1020964 - Copy

P1020965 - Copy

That’s it from Chiang Mai, Panya and Thailand. Our next stop is New Delhi and so our next post will be from there.



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