India, first steps

We’ve been here in New Delhi for 4 days and hardly know where to begin describing that time.  Unfortunately, much of it for Peter has been horizontal due to persistent  gut problems, the pleasures of giardia (we think) but we  are both feeling good today and have arranged to head out of town tomorrow to begin a tour of Rajasthan and then on to Varanasi in a week or two. A few scenes from our Delhi days:

calm street scene - Copy

When we walk out of our alley we never know if the local street will be calm like this or….


Chaotic like this.  There is always lots of activity tho and you have to be alert or be run over by the motorcycles and  auto rickshaws which rule the smaller roads like ours.

Lucky Cow - CopyAlso at the little square a block away you’ll see lucky cows who get eat produce

less lucky - Copy

And less lucky cows who have to pull produce or whatever.

Humayun's tomb - Copy

We got ourselves out and about on Thursday via public transport (a HUGE accomplishment) to this impressive tomb surrounded by beautiful grounds where we strolled and gawked.

Tomb garden - Copy(Strolling, gawking.)

Fruit 4 Peter - Copy Back in the ‘hood, Peter is fruit shopping and his favorite vendor is prepping a coconut for him.  And nothing goes better with fruit than yogurt, right?

yogurt tank - Copy No problem, we got it by the vat full!  How many bags you want?food fest 2 - Copy

So on another outing we stumbled on a food festival.  Apart from the grilled cheese sandwiches I couldn’t really tell you what we’re looking at but it looked good.

Food fest - Copy

We visited another beautiful tomb that afternoon – the great and wealthy seem to have taken great care of their final resting  places.


Safdarjung’s Tomb


This one’s for you Vicki – pigeons have been replaced with parrots at Safdarjung’s tomb!!  These green beauties were all over the place and doing some mischief on the stone work – prying away at corners and gaps.

We ended up that evening at Connaught Place, a very strange combination of upscale shops and broken down infrastructure with a bit of carnival thrown in here and there.  We were bemused by the folks lined up for Starbucks at 7:30 in the evening….

strbcks - Copy

Off to Jaipur tomorrow morning!!.


1 thought on “India, first steps

  1. You two are very brave to eat fresh fruit from the street vendors. I hope your guts are sturdy.

    I have really been enjoying all your posts. I would love to visit Thailand and India some winter when it isn’t so hot.

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