Driving through RAJASTAN. Part 1

Well its been a wee while since we last updated this blog. The only reason I can give is that this is INDIA. Everything happens at a snails pace ( the internet connection ) and usually in triplicate, with carbon paper no less. Remember carbon paper??? Any way we have driven to Jaipur, the pink city, and then onto Jodhpur, the blue city. These are all from the Jaipur area, Jodhpur will be next.

On the road - Copy

On the road, not an uncommon sight, hay, grain, peanuts or straw we think.

Out side of Jaipur is the old fort of Amer, it existed before Jaipur circa 1650. Perched on top of the hill with great views of the invading armies from other Maharanas.

AF. Hall - Copy

AF. inlaid door detail. - Copy

Once inside things are pretty palacial, lots of marble, some of it inlaid with different colored marble and stones to create amazing trees and flowers.

AF. View from the hall across the lake to fort walls. - Copy

Looking out from one of the many layers of courtyards down to the man made lake and the endless walls surrounding the Maharana’s territory. They literally go for miles up and down hills and valleys.

AF. At the end of the lake - Copy

The end of the lake showing more terraces and hanging out areas for the various lords and ladies (not together mind you).

P1030074 - Copy

An interior garden.

P1030085 - Copy

An exterior goat.

P1030080 - Copy

Details like this abound in every nook and cranny

P1030091 - Copy

You’ve all seen this before. The Hawa Mahal, or wind palace. The Maharana’s wives concubines and ‘ladies in waiting’ could look out at the surrounding areas, bazars, processions, elephant parades and camel festivals.

P1030113 - Copy

Just tourists and motorbikes today.

P1030088 - Copy

Here’s the Maharini standing in front of one of her palaces in the lake.

P1030101 - Copy

The builder of Jaipur was an astronomy buff. Here is a sundial he built that is accurate to within 2 seconds!!! The shadow line tells the time on a notched, segmented marble slab.  Pretty amazing for 1600’s. He also mapped all our local Heavenly bodies.

P1030134 - Copy

The view down into Jaipur from the battlements. It kind of out grew the city limits. And some of the other city occupants.

P1030144 - Copy

See You in Jodhpur


1 thought on “Driving through RAJASTAN. Part 1

  1. Must be the light, or the water. It’s great that you could sit on top of the battlement walls; just be sure you get those tails amputated before you come home!

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