Driving through RAJASTAN. Part 2

    What a little down time and a good internet connection can do. Here’s Jodhpur. Now the name is the same as those fancy riding breeches that horsy folks wear and I would assume that they originated here along with Polo, pure speculation on my part.
P1030201 - Copy

First of all here’s the fort ( every city has to have at least one ). Then here’s all the people.

P1030193 - Copy

So this Maharana built a pretty impenetrable fort. Only penetrated once in four hundred years and that was for only two days. At the end of his reign he went out and fought the Mughals and lost. He returned to his fort and allowed himself to be bitten by a snake and died. In the tradition of the time his wives and concubines burnt themselves on his funeral pyre. Just a brief historical note!!

P1030191 - Copy

P1030188 - Copy

P1030186 - Copy

Delicately carved marble and sandstone. Must have been a bitch to dust!!

P1030180 - Copy

The cozy master bedroom suite. The thing above the bed is a fan that was just pushed back and forth to create a nice cooling breeze.

P1030170 - Copy

Elephants were a common means of travel for the Maharanas and this was what they sat on. This was strapped  on top of the elephant. we declined to go for a ride.

P1030199 - Copy

The mausoleum for the Maharanas and this is the current Maharana’s palace.

P1030179 - Copy

A little hazy I know but it was along way away

P1030197 - Copy

A couple of goats dressed for town.

P1030203 - Copy

Getting ready for the next Test Match. ( Cricket, for those of you unfamiliar with the gentlemen’s sport)


1 thought on “Driving through RAJASTAN. Part 2

  1. Love your posts! Kinda like being there but without the jet lag and diarrhea. How ’bout sharing some pics and stories with the Eastside group sometime?

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