(1) 2008 In the Beginning

Welcome to our ‘blog’.  As most of you know, we are headed back to Thailand for the winter of 2008 / 2009.  This time will be different from our footloose rambles of 5 years ago.   We’ve committed to a 3 month position at Panya, a project in northern Thailand started a few years ago by Christian Shearer and friends. (Read all about it at http://www.panyaproject.org/)  Christian is the son of our friends Dick and Wendy, who we’ve been following around the world for the last 30 years.   They’re trying to retire now so we’ve switched loyalties to the next generation.   Our goals at Panya are to acquire laying hens and dairy cows and set up a place for them to live and produce for the residents and guests.  Our challenges will be, well, pretty much just the whole last sentence.   We leave on November 4th, election day. 

Since we’re still in the states, the picture above was taken the last time we were in northern Thailand, in 2003.  We drove up there with friends Vicki and Leslie and stopped at this wonderful elephant preserve.    

Wish us luck.  Come and visit!  It’s very beautiful and if Panya is a little tooo rustic (think dorm, camping) we understand there are guest houses not far away.


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